Tribute to our Founder

P.S. Thomas started Computer Park in 1990s as a meeting place for computer entusiaisats, At that time computers were expensive and not affordable by common man, he opened up ways in which they could have access to computers without burning a hole in their pockets, he encouraged them to use the computers available at Computer Park at a reasonable cost and sometimes even for free, if he found them to be talented and more importantly passionate about technology.

He realized the impact that Computers would bring about and so he started an authorized training centers for Microsoft, Corel and Autocad, and unlike other computer institutes here the training was done 1on1 with the instructor and it was 100% hands on the computers there was no theory classes, this resulted in complete focus of the student on his field of study. After classes he encouraged them to practice on their own and refer books and multiply their knowledge, he encouraged designers, draftsman, artists, painters from various fields to move to digitalization to learn the software and fine tune the skills to design digitally, he offered them jobs and customers so they can be self sustainable as soon as they finished their studies. He empowered an ordinary person, gave them an insight into the future and helped them to make the change to digital and become equipped for the future.

He bought state of the art printing machines to supplement the creative designs, and he made prints very affordable, the first digital color printing machine in kerala was bought in the early 90s, before that printing colour was a tedious task often taken up only by huge Offset printing presses, he also made technology ‘open’ so that anybody could see the machine, see the print immediately, appreciate the quality, make changes on the spot. It sparked a revolution in the field of digital printing the effects of which can be seen in paramara road today.
The idilic paramara road became a printing street in the early 2000’s with his innovative thinking. Most of his designers went on to become entrepreneur or get lucrative jobs outside india with their experience here.

He was against controlling creativity so the term ‘freelance designers’ was born in the early 2000s. Computer Park is now a creative space where people could rent a space and work as their own BOSSES, because of this affordability the work done by the designers here are a lot cheaper than an design agency.

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